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Whatever research issue you have, Psych can help you solve it, and solve it well. With foundations in psychology and marketing, Psych Research knows how people tick. We use this knowledge to provide highly effective, engaging and insightful research solutions, while always adhering to strict scientific integrity.

DEMO: The Mind in the Eyes

This short test by Baron-Cohen measures how well you perceive emotion in people's faces, and gives you feedback on your Emotional Quotient (EQ). Take this test, and find out how it is we get so many participants.
Conducting your own research? The internet, social media and engaging feedback means that we can get you lots of participants very easily, and all the data is collected and calculated for automatically.

Looking for insights? We can help you answer any question. From literature reviews to bespoke experimental or survey research. We also provide psychologically-informed testing tools for teams and brands.

Curious about yourself? Take our extensive psychological tests, or even participate in clients' studies, and learn more about that rusty old brain of yours.

Dissertation stressing you out? Psych can make it better. We can put your study online and get subjects easily, review the literature or do the stats - and all without smashing open the piggy bank.

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